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Oct 4, 2012 2:30am EDT
months ago and the last debate that barack obama had was four years ago. and the people he's used to sparring with are reporters. >> how did he prepare? how did the president prepare for this? >> we got 45 minutes in before we got a ryan budget mentioned. mitt romney made the choice to put ryan on the ticket. when we look at where the polls started to separate before the convention, right around when ryan was put on the ticket. when do the numbers on medicare and the polling start to go upside down for the republicans? when ryan is put on the ticket. yet we get 45 minutes through the debate before paul ryan is mentioned. he's the incarnation of the modern republican party which will inherit the power that you give to mitt romney since they will be governing from the house most likely. that is the key thing to remind people there is a governing of the republican party that already exists. it's like nailing gel oto the wall. no. you are tied to an actual institutional govern body which actually has a record, which actually is going to propose and vote for things that you actually put o
Oct 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
should have ran four years ago. >> four years ago, barack obama and john mccain faced off in a first debate that was nearly canceled when the republican suspended his campaign because of the meltdown on wall street. the day of their second debate, the stock market dropped 500 points. >> now the troubles are spreading. the market took another dive today, and there are some big names now involved. >> reporter: the day of the third debate, the stock market dropped over 300 points. >> fear that the country could be entering in one of the most serious recessions in decades, led by wall street's 700-point sell-off. >> now four years later, the president who faced john mccain in those debates and beat him faces his new republican challenger for the first time. >> i'm looking forward to head to head. >> an mirror image of '08, a campaign is chaotic mash. new issues, new controversies, every day. the polls are bad for romney and good for obama in the swing states. but the national numbers are as tight as they get. the primaries are over, the conventions are over, but the debates, the home str
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
into this, but year over year, the obama administration has been too optimistic. for years, pretty much every year so far, they've said the economy is going to recover faster than it actually has. and there are reasons it didn't. europe imploded. there was a tsunami that hit japan, rocking global demand. the arab spring sent oil prices skyrocketing. and at home, we did things like the debt ceiling, which didn't help. but they stop sounding like explanations and begin sounding like excuses. so president obama needs to be able to make the case that the economy is just worse. and there wasn't -- with a very bad hand, his policies did about what could have been expected, about as good as we have been have done. romney wants to make it sound like it was a set of bad policies that led to a slow and sluggish recovery. >> what about governor romney in terms of what his most challenging question is, the thing he's least looking forward to talking about? >> it's flip of that. if president obama needs to defend why the recovery hasn't been quicker, romney needs to explain why he would actuall
Oct 3, 2012 11:30pm PDT
that president obama's been in plenty of debates but he's been doing for four years something that has absolutely nothing to do with debating while romney has been doing a lot. we've soon barack obama debate better than he did tonight. has the presidency changed himself so much that he can't go back to being a good debater? this is what he's like now? >> that's the $64 question. if what we saw tonight is what we see in the next two debates, president obama is going to be in serious trouble. how is this going to play in ohio? he has to make the case to the middle class that he's headed in the right direction with the economy. >> not one time did he say i want the american people to know we've added private-sector jobs for the last 30 months and we're headed in the right direction. how hard is that to say? is that hard? >> ezra klein is coming up to check some of the money numbers that we did hear tonight. we're mad about the numbers that were not articulated as we check the one that were. our live coverage of the first presidential debate. stay with us. >> this tax plan. and now, five w
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)